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CogniMail helped us personalize our outreach on a level we didn't think was possible. Highly recommended!

Emily RostekMarketing Director

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Begin your campaign by entering specific details about your products or services into CogniMail's intuitive "Find Your Buyer" tool. This initial step is crucial as it sets the foundation for how the platform will analyze and identify potential customers who are most likely to respond positively to your outreach. This feature simplifies the process of defining your target market by filtering through extensive data to connect you with the best matches.

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We struggled with low engagement rates with Our cold outreach emails until used personalization and psychographic analysis features.

Frederic Hill

Founder & CEO

Tech Innovate Inc

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A 50% increase in reply rates and a 35% in demo bookings."

With a vast lead database we needed a way to streamline our process. CogniMail’s seamless CRM integration and follow-up sequences saved the day.

Safaa Sampson

Account Executive

SaaS Solutions

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New Product Demos scheduled in the last 4 months

We struggled to connect with the right buyers for our kitchen appliances. WIth CogniMail's not only did we reach more people, we reached the right ones.

Brendan Buck

Marketing Manager

HomeChef Solutions

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