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Psychographic subscribers segmentation

Cognimail utilizes your subscribers’ email addresses to gather data on their social activities and analyze their psychographic and psycholinguistic traits.

Our proprietary algorithm creates psychographic clusters based on this data, allowing for personalized targeting of your email campaigns.

AI-Generated Content

Cognimail uses the Big 5 personality traits to create subject lines, headlines, content, and calls to action that resonate with each psychographic segment.

Our guided AI technology ensures that your content is tailored to each segment, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Psychographically-Inspired Images

Our AI technology creates unique images based on the psychographic and demographic data of your audience segments.

These images are used in your email marketing campaigns, ensuring that your visuals are as personalized as your content.

AI-Powered Competitor Analysis

Cognimail analyzes your competitors’ marketing strategies, including the campaigns they run, products they promote, and discounts they offer.

This data is used to inform your own marketing strategy, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

Data-Driven Automated Email Campaigns

Our AI technology combines competitor analysis with the personality traits of your customer base to create fully responsive HTML email campaigns.

Each campaign is uniquely structured to resonate with the psychographic segment you are targeting, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.